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The Indiana DMV test eligibility is 15 years and classified as a vision test, knowledge test and written test. The vision test consists of the identification of traffic signs and colors to check capability in the identification of colors. The knowledge test consists of traffic signs, road rules, traffic laws and driving practices and the written test consists of 50 questions in which 16 related to signs and 42 need to answer correctly to gain at least 84%.

Are you waiting to apply for the Indiana driver license? Then you landed on the place that provides you with quality information about the procedure and requirements to apply for the driver license.

Do you have an idea that there are different types of Indiana driver’s license?  So, Providing you with a brief explanation of all types of driver license.

What are the types of Indiana Driver’s License?

Indiana imposed rules and regulations to issue a driving license for the applicants. The Indiana issues driver license based on the age and its mandatory to fulfil all the license requirements.

Type of LicenseEligibility Criteria
Instruction PermitThis license issued to the applicants who attain an age of a minimum of 16 years and the maximum age is 18 years
Probationary Driver LicenseA probationary license is an advanced type of instruction permit that imposes some restrictions to drive. The minimum eligible age is 21 years
Adult Driver’s LicenseThe adult driver’s license issued to the applicants who have an instruction permit and attain an age of 21 years

Let me give a clear explanation over the procedure and eligibility criteria to get handy with all the types of driving license.

What is the Instruction Permit? How to Apply for Indiana Instruction Permit?

The Instruction permit also called the Learner license; no Indiana citizen was allowed to drive the vehicle without carrying a proper driving license.

After issuing the instruction permit, you are not allowed to drive that easily without any supervision. The license holder should have 21 years adult next to them in the car or a relative at the age of 25.

So, the applicants who apply for the Indiana driver license should satisfy the below requirements and procedure

Requirements an Applicant Need to Satisfy for Indiana Instruction Permit

Every applicant have to satisfy the below list of requirements to get issued with an instruction permit

  • First things first all the applicants should attain a maximum age of 16 years
  • The applicants between the age of 16-18 are eligible to apply for the learner license.

Applying Process to Get a Learner License

The applicants provided a step-by-step procedure that needs to follow by all applicants at the time of applying for the learner license

 Visit DMV Office and Submit Documents

To have clarity over the tasks that an applicant has to proceed to visit any nearby DMV office and don’t forget to be handy with the documents as a birth certificate, U.S citizenship, residency proof, signature and SSN

Handover Driver Education Course Certificate

Let the DMV officials prove that you have completed the Driver education by providing a certified driving course certificate. Without the submission of this certificate, your driver license doesn’t proceed for further steps.

Attend DMV Test

Oh god, here is the mild stone of the process to get issued with the driver license. The Indiana driver license has three tests as

  1. Vision test
  2. Written test
  • Road test

Pay Appropriate Fees

To process the Indiana learner permit applicants, need to pay an amount of $9

Get Issued with Temporary License

After completing the above process, applicants issued with a temporary license that is valid for 180 days. And a permanent instruction permit will issue with no delay before the temporary one expires.

What is Probationary/Restricted License? How to Apply for Indiana Restricted License?

What Restrictions Imposed on Restricted License Holders

  • Not allowed to drive at nights
  • No permissions to drive on days of holidays and even weekends at times of 1:00 a.m-5:00 a.m.
  • You will charge fines if you proceed for unsupervised driving

What are Requirements to Apply for Restricted License

  • Should complete the Indiana driver’s course
  • The minimum eligible age is above 16 to below 21

How to Applying for an Indiana Restricted License

The applicants should have a learner permit to apply for the Indiana learner license. The applicant must wait for at least 180 days after the learner license is issued to apply for the restricted license.

Visit BMV Office and Submit Driver Education Certificate

All the applicants have to visit the BMV office to know about the appropriate procedure that the state follows and it’s mandatory to submit the driver education certificate to the officials

Submit Application Form that Signed by Guardian

To process the license the applicants, have to complete the driver license application form by providing all the required information and for the authentication, the form should sign by the parent or guardian

Provide the Documents Required

The process of any driving license requires the submission of documents like SSN, residency proof, signature and U.S citizenship

Apply for DMV Test

To get issued with the restricted license, the applicants have to attend the Indiana DMV test. The test categorized into the different test as each of them will test different skills of the applicants.

Pay Appropriate Fees

There are multiple payment gateway methods made available for the applicants so that they can opt one of them and proceed for the payment of $17.50

Present Learner License to the Officials

The final step to apply for the restricted license is the submission of a driver license. So, the approval of driver license will start

How to Apply for Driver License?

The Adult driver license or Full driver license can apply by the applicants on following the below process

Submit Documents

The applicants have to submit the list of documents as SSN, birth certificate, date of birth certificate and residency proof. The final document that needs to submit is the driver education course certificate.

Attend DMV Test

The Indiana driver license consists of the tests as the vision test, knowledge test and the road test

Pay Fees

To process your driver, license the applicants have to pay an amount of $9

Receive a Temporary License

After the completion of the above process the applicants are issued with a temporary license and before it expires a permanent license will issue

FAQ’s of Indiana Driver License

The most commonly asked questions of the Indiana driver license gathered and answered below

What is Indiana Learner Permit and How to Apply for it?

The preliminary step to get issued with a driver license is to have a get a learner permit. The applicants must submit the required documents and satisfy the eligibility criteria to apply for the learner license.

Which Application form Should I Complete to Apply for Driver’s License?

The applicants should submit all the below forms to apply for the Indiana driver license

State form 39531(agreement of financial liability), state form 34425(certificate of vision), state form 54706(log of supervised driving), state form 28622(Request for waiver), state form 54748(Request for voluntary skills test)

What Documents are Required to Apply for Indiana Driver’s License?

The list of documents that applicant have to carry for the Indiana driver’s license is the SSN, date of birth certificate, and residency proof

How to Renew Indiana Driver License?

To renew a driver license, the applicants must submit some valid documents like identity proof, SSN and residency proof and pay the fee for renewal. The state has different plans based on the renewal period and the age of the applicant.

Pay an amount of $7 for the license renewal of 2 years

Pay an amount of $11 for the license renewal of 3 years

Pay an amount of $17.50 for the license renewal of 6 years

What is the Process to Renew Expired Driver’s License?

For the renewal of an expired driver license applicants have to pay some fine to apply for the new driver’s license.

Will I get Issued with A Driver License Without Instruction Permit?

No, there is no possibility to get a driver license without an instruction permit. The primary document that needs to submit by the applicants is the instruction permit at the DMV office to get a driver license

What Considered as the Valid Driver Education Course Certificate?

The applicants have to submit a driver education course certificate that provides 50 hours of driving, including 10 hours of night driving.

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