DMV-Permit-Test.Online retrieve some personal information of the user. So it’s our responsibility to let you know how your data is retrieved and used. The information accessed at the time when you visit the website or use any services of the website and other way is at the time of purchasing the premium version.

Information Retrieved by Website

The website retrieves information in multiple means as the information from the clients and visitors, automatically collected, integrated services and some other sources. From clients and visitors, the information as name, email, credit card details and mobile number retrieved, and the automatic collection of information may include the information regarding the IP address, web browser and date and times. The integrated services as Google provide information about the name, email, age gender, country, profile picture and URL.

How the Collected Personal Data Used

All the collected personal information used for operations, improvements, communications and cookies and tracking technologies. The user information used to operate, maintain, enhance the site service and some necessary improvements to improve service, develop new products, services and functionality.

For Whom Collected Information Disclosed

The personal information of the users disclosed to service providers, law enforcement and compliance and change of ownership.

Client Rights

The basic rights that the visitor has right to rectification, right to access right to inform, right to restrict processing, a right to data portability, a right to object, right to withdraw consent, navigation information and right to erasure.

Cookie Policy

There are different types of cookies on the site, and the user can delete or alter them based on their requirement.

What Type Of Cookies Used

There are different type of cookies available as each of them does perform multiple tasks as essential cookies, analytics cookies, functional cookies, advertising and targeting cookies. The necessary cookies retrieve information regarding the user navigation and the analytics cookies retrieves the information of user interaction with a site that helps to improve website works. The functional cookies retrieve the data of browsing behaviour and habits of the user in measuring the effectiveness of the site.


The CAN-SPAM act ensures some rules for commercial email, commercial messages.

Purpose Of Retrieving Email Information

The user email information retrieved to send information, respond to inquiries and other related questions. Your email also used to send some updates.

CANSPAM agrees for

Reasonably identifies any message and never mislead the users with false mails, includes the physical address of the business and also monitors the third-party email marketing services.


COPPA is a children online privacy protection act that provides control for the parents of children under the age of 13 years. The consumer protection agency implements the COPPA rule.

How Privacy is secured

The visitors are eligible to have legal rights against the data collectors and processors who access their data. There notified within seven days with an email.

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