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Ace Your North Carolina DMV Written Test with Our NC Permit Practice Test

Practice tests to perfect your North Carolina DMV written test!

Begin Your Journey of Preparation

Have you started your preparation to obtain your license in North Carolina? The first step is to tackle the NC DMV written test. If you are confused as to how to prepare for and beat the test, we are here with the perfect guide leading to success. Try our North Carolina DMV practice test and learn everything you need to ace the NC DMV written test.

A Simple Step-by-Step Process

Walk Through the Process

Study the NC DMV Handbook

The NC DMV written test is based on the information provided in the North Carolina driver’s manual. Read the NC DMV handbook to understand the concepts that will be asked in the official test.

Practice Until You Are Perfect

Take the NC permit practice test and familiarize yourself with all the possible question types that can be expected in the real NC DMV written test.

Similar to the Real Exam

Our NC learners permit practice tests mirror the same format and question types that are posed in the real test.

Easily Pass Your Permit Test

Take our North Carolina DMV permit practice test to easily pass your NC permit test on your first sitting. Our NC learners permit practice test provides you with all the knowledge you need to pass your permit test.

Our NC Permit Practice Test Crafted Just Like the Real Exam

Designing real exam-like questions based on the NC DMV Handbook.

Know the Real Exam

By taking our North Carolina DMV Permit Practice Test, you can familiarize yourself with the official NC permit test as we provide the same question formats to give you the real exam experience.

Contents of the Driver’s Manual

The North Carolina DMV practice tests are prepared from the information provided in the official driver’s manual. This ensures that the applicants get the most similar questions that will be posed in the actual permit test.

Content Relevancy

Take our North Carolina DMV Permit Practice Test to learn all the topics that can be tested in the official NC permit test. Our tests are updated regularly to provide questions based on the current road rules in NC.

Your Search for the Perfect NC DMV Study Material Ends Here!

Bored of reading the driver’s manual? Take these tests and make them interesting!

In North Carolina, the NC Division of Motor Vehicles is responsible for issuing licenses. The written test is the first step assessing your knowledge of traffic laws and safe driving practices in the state. Make ample practice before attending the official test. The best way is to take our NC learners permit practice test which gives you all practice until you are confident enough to sit for the official test.

Easily Accessible

Our North Carolina DMV Permit Practice Test is easily accessible anywhere at any time with a good internet connection. Complete the tests at your own pace without any time restrictions.

Unlimited Practice

You can attempt our tests as many times as you need, which gives you ample practice to be better prepared for the official test.

Get Instant Feedback

After completing each practice test, we offer immediate feedback to guide you on which answers need to be retaken, and the topics you need more focus on.

Premium Plan for More Features

We have both free and premium plans on our platform. You can access the premium features to elevate your practice sessions for 30 days at $15 and for 90 days at $30.

Become A Pro at NC DMV Written Test

To get your learner’s permit in North Carolina, you need to complete the first task of passing the NC MNV written test. The test is conducted to assess your knowledge of the traffic laws and safe driving practices that are evident in the state. Take our mock tests to familiarize yourself with the questions that you will be tested on in your actual written test.

A Glimpse of the NC DMV Written Test


The questions of the NC DMV written test are framed in a multiple-choice format where you need to choose the right answer from the given choices.


The official test encompasses topics such as traffic laws and safe driving practices, everything from the official driver’s manual of NC.

Number of Questions

The test consists of 25 multiple-choice questions.

Passing Score

To pass the test, you need to answer at least 20 correct answers right out of the 25 questions to achieve a total of 80%. Upon passing the test, you will receive your learner’s permit.

If Failed

If you fail the NC DMV written test, you can always retake the test at a later date. However, it is recommended to put in enough practice to avoid retaking and passing on your first attempt.

Eligibility to Sit for the NC DMV Written Test

Age Requirements

The minimum age to apply for a learner’s permit is 15 years old.

Take a Vision Test

Pass the vision tests meeting the standards set by North Carolina. You can wear corrective lenses if required.

Pass the Road Sign Test

You must correctly identify the regulatory and warning signs and traffic signs by color and shape and explain the meaning of each sign.

Complete Driver Education Course

If you are under 18, you need to take a state-approved driver education course of 30 hours of classroom instruction and 6 hours of behind-the-wheel practice.

After Procedures Completing Your NC DMV Written Test

Practice Driving

Passing the road test is important to showcase your driving skills, prove that you can control the vehicle, and follow safe driving practices on your road test day.

Complete a Driving Log

After receiving the learner’s permit, complete at least 60 hours of driving with a supervisor within 12 months.

Pass the NC DMV Driving Test

Pass the North Carolina driving test, which tests your ability to drive carefully and follow traffic rules.

Get Your Full License

Upon passing the road test you will receive a temporary driver’s license. Your permanent driver’s license will be mailed to you.

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Monitor your performance by tracking your progress with our NC permit practice test’s premium plan. This will help you understand in which areas you are weak and need more practice.

Detailed Explanations

Along with progress tracking, we provide explanations for each answer, explaining the reason behind each answer. This helps you better remember the answer on the real exam day.

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