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IPR(intellectual property rights)

The user is provided with limited access to retrieve the data available in the website; the rest is under the infinity loop capitals that doesn’t give access to anyone.


The user is inaccessible to publish the content on this website to another source.  Selling and making use for the commercial purpose is unallowed, using the website for damaging the reputation and for impacting a user is restricted, making use of the website for the harming any person or business, involving in any of the data harvesting and data extraction by using the website.

Infinity Loop capital rights over your content

The users content as videos, text and any other information that displayed on the website has all the rights owned by infinity loop capital so that they can remove your content anytime without notice.

Government Affiliation

This website not operated or owned, nor affiliated with the Government. DMV-Permit-Test.Online contains general information to the categories of car and motorbike of USA for educational and international purposes only. DMV-Permit-Test doesn’t claim any rights to act on behalf of, nor that is endorsed, sponsored or sanctioned by the USA Government.


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You have to agree with the Infinity loop capital for any liabilities, costs, demands causes of action and damages.


If any of the terms are invalid under laws then provisions removed without damage to the rest of the provisions


There should be an agreement between the infinity loop capital and the user with the website.


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