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Master the Road Rules with Oregon DMV Practice Tests

Boost your Preparation with Oregon DMV Permit Practice Tests Ahead of the Official Exam

Oregon DMV Practice Permit Tests to Ace Your Knowledge Test

Succeed in obtaining your instruction permit with our comprehensive Oregon DMV practice tests. If you are anxious about passing your DMV knowledge test, level up your preparation with our expert-made Oregon DMV permit practice tests. The tests are based on the Oregon driver’s handbook and resemble the official DMV knowledge test.

Test your driving knowledge and boost your confidence with our identical practice tests and be ready to excel in the driver’s knowledge test.

Get Ready to Hit the Roads in Three Simple Steps 

Learn How This Works

Oregon uses a Graduated Driver’s Licensing procedure for first-time drivers. You need not be overwhelmed by the long and tiring process; we are here to provide all the assistance you need to pass the driver’s knowledge test.

Plenty of Oregon DMV Test Practice

Improve your knowledge of traffic rules, road signs, and more with our Oregon DMV practice tests. Take our simulator tests as often as you wish to get familiar with the official exam and be stress-free during the knowledge test.

Pass the Oregon Knowledge Test

When ready, apply for and take the knowledge test online or in person. To pass, you must answer 28 out of 35 questions correctly.

Vision Test to Get Instruction Permit 

DMV tests your vision to ensure you can drive on public roads. You will be issued your Oregon Instruction Permit if you pass the test. If you must wear contacts or glasses to pass the test, you should always wear them while driving.

Gain Confidence with Self-Assessment using Oregon DMV Practice Tests

Practice Tests Designed to Feel Like the Official Knowledge Exam

More than 50% of driver’s knowledge test candidates fail on their first attempt due to lack of practice. Hence, we recommend getting abundant practice before you appear for the test.

Get Started for Free

All our mock tests are available for free without registration or sign-up. Attempt all our tests as a guest user for free to learn the basics of traffic and road rules.

Current and Accurate Tests

We construct our practice tests based on the latest syllabus of the driver’s handbook issued by the Oregon DMV.

Better than the Handbook

Our practice tests have everything you find in the driver’s handbook and more! With our mock tests, you can study more effectively.

Categorized Tests 

We have practice tests specific to your vehicle category, whether you are a car driver or a motorcycle owner.

Oregon DMV Permit Practice Tests – Prepared by DMV Experts

Test your Knowledge with our Top Practice Tests 

With our Oregon DMV permit practice test sessions, you can start preparing for your knowledge exam and pass on your first try effortlessly. All our practice tests parallel the driver’s handbook syllabus, including all road rules and traffic regulation topics.

The first 20 practice tests are free for all vehicle categories and effectively teach basic driving and road laws. In contrast, the premium practice tests go deeper into more critical topics like regulatory signs, lanes and merging, alcohol and drug usage, etc.

Choose from our wide range of practice test modules and begin your journey to success in the Oregon DMV permit test.

Test Format

All our practice tests comprise 45 multiple-choice questions from Oregon’s driver’s handbook. Each question has three choices of answers.

Car and Motorcycle Tests

Our practice tests are vehicle-specific for two categories: motorcycles and cars. You can choose the tests suitable for your vehicle.

Topics Covered

We use more than 1600 unique test questions that cover a range of topics related to traffic signs, road signs, controls, penalties, alcohol, and drug usage, etc.

Analyze your Prep Level and Work on Weaker Topics

Unlimited Access to Retake Practice Tests Until you feel Confident

Attempt Several Times

Our practice tests can be accessed multiple times, allowing you to retake them according to your learning speed. You can try these tests many times until you are confident about your answers.

Track your Progress

The personalized dashboard allows for regular progress analysis. You can view your scores, the number of tests attempted, and more here.

Practical Learning

Rather than sticking to learning the theory about driving rules and road regulations, you can learn all of it while gaining practical experience to take the official test.

Improve your Weak Areas

Self-evaluate your strengths and weaknesses with mock test results and rework your mistakes and weak topics.

Increase your Chances of Passing the Oregon DMV Permit Test

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Rest assured, you can pass the Oregon DMV knowledge test on your first try with our efficient premium practice tests, which include additional benefits.

Ad-Free Practice Tests

Sign up for our budget-friendly premium DMV practice tests to eliminate unnecessary advertisements displayed on our website.

Clarified Answers

Get detailed explanations for all your practice test questions, which enable you to understand the notion behind the possible answers.

Unique Test Questions 

We provide more than 1600 test practice questions covering the entire driver’s handbook syllabus, enabling you to gain knowledge of a broad spectrum of topics.

About Oregon Driver’s License

Oregon driver’s licenses are administered and issued by the Oregon Driver and Motor Vehicles Services Department. Start by taking a provisional instruction permit and a provisional driver’s license, then move to the full unrestricted license. Depending on age, getting a driver’s license can take 1 to 2 years.

If you are between 15 and 17 years old with valid proof of residency, pay a fee of $7 to apply for the DMV knowledge test. Either take this test online or visit a DMV office in person. The test consists of 35 questions, so answer 28 correctly to pass the test. After this, take a vision test to obtain a Provisional Instruction Permit successfully.

With an instruction permit, you can drive under the supervision of a parent or trainer. After holding the instruction permit for six months, you must complete an ODOT-approved driver education course, 50 hours of driving practice, and pass a driver test to get a provisional driver’s license. With this license, you can drive unsupervised with fewer restrictions.

You do not have to do anything for an unrestricted license. Once you turn 18, your full license will be issued automatically.

What Happens After You Pass the Oregon DMV Knowledge Test?

Pass a Vision Test

After clearing your knowledge test, visit a DMV office and take your free vision test. If you have already taken the test, skip this step.

Provisional Instruction Permit

Upon passing the knowledge and vision test, you will receive your instruction permit. Then, you can start driving on roads with a proctor or parent.

Complete Practice Driving Log

The instruction permit holder must complete 100 hours of driving practice. Your parents must note down the driving hours in the logbook.

Driver Education Course

If you have already completed an ODOT-approved Driver Education course, you require only 50 hours of driving practice.

Oregon Drive Test

Get your provisional driver’s license by passing a behind-the-wheel drive test. You can now drive unsupervised but still with restrictions.

Unrestricted License

Once you turn 18, your provisional driver’s license will be replaced with a full unrestricted one.

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