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Pursuit of Achieving your Goal Through West Virginia DMV Practice Tests

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Embark on a journey to succeed in the driver’s knowledge test by accessing our West Virginia practice permit tests. The Department of Motor Vehicles in West Virginia requires all first-time drivers to get an instruction permit, also called a learner’s permit, to practice safe driving while learning to drive.

You must pass a web-based written knowledge test that determines whether you are knowledgeable about road rules and can be allowed to drive safely. We provide a wide range of learning with West Virginia DMV permit practice tests, including driver’s manual topics, flashcards, personalized dashboards, and more.

Start with our free West Virginia DMV practice tests for enhanced preparation.

Smart Preparation with West Virginia DMV Permit Practice Test

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Begin with WV Permit Test Practice

Get the driver’s manual from the DMV website and start studying while ensuring you get practical learning with West Virginia DMV practice tests. Attempt our real exam-like practice tests to master the driver’s manual’s contents and familiarize yourself with the structure.

Take the West Virginia Permit Test

Once you are ready to take the exam, visit the DMV office and pay the fee to submit your application. You can visit the office on your scheduled appointment date or take the test online in the comfort of your home.

Obtain your Instruction Permit

Get your instruction permit that allows you to drive on public roads as a learner driver under the supervision of a licensed driver. You must hold this instruction permit for at least six months to apply for the road skills test.

Navigate the Roads by Mastering the West Virginia DMV Practice Tests

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Get access to over 1600 unique test questions taken from the driver’s manual and framed to resemble the official exam.

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We have designed all our practice tests based on the driver’s manual and have all the questions framed, resembling the original exam by DMV.

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Our practice tests enable you to get an insight into the exam structure and understand the type of questions you may encounter.

Unlimited Mock Tests

If you get your answers wrong in the mock tests, you can retake our practice tests without any hassle until you feel ready and confident for the exam.

Test your Knowledge with West Virginia DMV Permit Practice Tests

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Grow familiar with the exam with our unlimited WV permit test practice. This continuous approach builds confidence and ensures you are well-prepared for the driver’s knowledge test.

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Track your progress and all the mistakes you tend to make while answering the practice tests. You can then practice avoiding these mistakes in the exam and work on the challenging topics for a better score.

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Our practice tests allow the comfort of studying from anywhere at any time of the day. Compatible with several platforms and devices, you can easily access our mock tests and learn whenever you want to prepare for the test.

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Car and Bike Test Practice with West Virginia Practice Permit Tests

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What is the West Virginia Learner’s Permit Test?

The West Virginia learner’s permit test is a computer-based written knowledge test based on the official driver’s manual issued by the Department of Motor Vehicles. This test consists of 25 multiple-choice questions about state driving laws, road rules, traffic and road signs, highway markings, and more.

The primary purpose of this knowledge test is to check the candidate’s knowledge of driving rules and whether they can manage to drive safely. Upon passing the written knowledge test, you will be issued an instruction permit allowing you to drive with a parent or a 21-year-old licensed driver.

If you are between 15 and 17 years old, you must retain the instruction permit for at least six months without traffic violations. For candidates who are 18 or older, it is enough to hold the permit for 90 days to apply for the road skills test and get an intermediate permit.

West Virginia DMV Permit Test Format 

The West Virginia learner’s permit test has 25 multiple-choice questions based on topics from the driver’s manual. It can be taken either online or in person and requires knowledge of traffic laws, road rules, several types of signs, and more.

West Virginia Written Knowledge Test Passing Score

You will require a 76% score on the written knowledge test to pass. There are 25 questions; you must answer 19 correctly to pass the exam.

  • Number of questions: 25 questions
  • Passing Requirement: 19 questions
  • Failed the WV Written Knowledge Test? Do Not Worry!

    Wait for at least seven days and apply again to retake the knowledge test. There is no limit to the number of times you can take the test if you pay the fee and reapply. If caught involved in a fraudulent activity during the knowledge test, you cannot retake it for 90 days and must pay a penalty.

    Passed the Written Knowledge Test? Here’s What Follows!

    Congratulations on passing the knowledge test. You are now one step closer to getting your full-privilege driver’s license.

    Instruction Permit for 6 Months

    After passing the written knowledge test, pay the required fee and obtain the Instruction Permit that lets you learn to drive, provided a parent or guardian supervises you. You must hold this permit for at least six months without violations.

    50-Hour Driving Log

    With a learner’s permit, practice 50 hours of driving, including 10 hours of night driving, and make sure your parent maintains the driving log and signs it.

    Driver Education Course

    A driver education course in West Virginia is not mandatory. However, if you finish this course, you will be exempt from driving practice.

    Road Skills Test

    You must be 16 years of age and hold the instruction permit for 6 months. This test must be taken in person, so schedule a test with the DMV office.

    Intermediate Permit

    This second-stage permit is issued upon completing supervised driving practice and passing the road skills test.

    Full Privilege Driver’s License

    If you hold the intermediate permit for one year without any traffic convictions or violations or turn 17, a full driver’s license is issued.

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