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Louisiana DMV Practice Test to Ace the LA Written Knowledge Test

Identical Practice Tests for Enhanced Preparation Ahead of the DMV Exam

Pass the LA Permit Test with Flying Colors with Louisiana OMV Practice Tests

Gear up for the written knowledge test with our comprehensive Louisiana OMV practice tests based on the driver’s handbook, which are designed to feel just like the official knowledge exam. We provide 40 practice tests with more than 1600 practice test questions for both car and bike test categories for you to prepare for the test.

The Office of Motor Vehicle (OMV) Department of Louisiana requires all first-time teen drivers between the ages of 14-17 to follow a graduated driver’s licensing program that consists of a temporary instruction permit, learner’s permit, and intermediate license before they get a full driver’s license.

Hence, passing the written test with an 80% score is mandatory to obtain your learner’s permit. If you are anxious about passing the written knowledge test, trying the Louisiana DMV practice tests is the perfect solution for you.

Getting a Learner’s Permit is Easier with Louisiana DMV Driving Practice Test

Learn How This Works

If you have turned 15, you can apply for a Class E learner’s permit test. You must obtain a temporary instruction permit (TIP) and complete the driver education course to apply for the learner’s permit test.

Apply for the Louisiana Knowledge Test

Ensure you get a certificate of completion for the driver education course from a public or private driving school and submit it holding your temporary instruction permit to apply for the learner’s permit test.

Time to Prepare for the Test

Start by downloading the OMV driver’s handbook and studying the driving laws, road rules, traffic signs, and more. Strengthen your preparation by practicing our mock tests, which resemble the official exam, and providing a similar experience before the exam to familiarize you.

Pass to Get your Learner’s Permit

The test consists of 40 multiple-choice questions from the handbook that require you to identify signs, choose the most appropriate action to take in the given road scenario, and so on. You must get 80% of the answers correctly to pass, followed by a vision test to obtain your learner’s permit.

Begin Your Driving Journey

During the six-month learner’s permit period, you can start your behind-the-wheel driving practice with a parent or guardian. Then, pass the Road Skills test to get a Louisiana Intermediate License, which allows you to drive with certain restrictions.

Boost your Preparation by Attempting Louisiana Practice Permit Tests

Get One Step Closer to your LA Driver’s License

Based on the Driver’s Handbook

The Louisiana practice permit tests we provide are like the real knowledge exam and are based on the official handbook issued by the Office of Motor Vehicles, Louisiana.

Experiential Learning

We understand that reading the handbook to learn the exam content can feel monotonous. Get started with our free Louisiana DMV driving practice tests to gain practical experience in taking the test while also learning the road rules.

Get Familiar with the Exam

Through our Louisiana OMV practice tests, you can learn the format and difficulty level of the actual DMV test, so there are no surprises on test day.

Master the Road Signs with Louisiana Practice Permit Test

Unlimited Practice for Enhanced Knowledge Test Score

Real-Like Practice

Our practice tests are based on the latest Louisiana Driver’s Manual and are designed to provide an exam-like environment to prepare you for the day.

Detailed Explanations

Practice with mock test questions prepared by industry experts. These questions provide detailed explanations to help you understand and remember each answer correctly.

Diverse Categories

We provide effective practice tests for both car and bike vehicle types. Get access to more than 60 practice tests for each category to prepare well for your written knowledge test.

Louisiana OMV Practice Tests for More Efficient Learning

Test your Knowledge and Confidently Prepare for The Day

Progress Tracking

Keep track of your progress with consistent practice of mock tests. We provide immediate feedback on your performance after each test to give insights into your weaknesses that need more practice.

Prepare Smartly with Flashcards

Learn the Louisiana road rules and road signs better with our topic-wise flashcards, which help you easily memorize the information.

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Sign up for our premium Louisiana DMV practice tests if you wish to pass your driver’s knowledge test on your first try. Get 1600+ unique test questions, ad-free tests, an exclusive dashboard, and more with premium.

What is the Louisiana Learner’s Permit Test – Everything You Must Know

The Louisiana learner’s permit test is a computer-based written test that evaluates a driver’s knowledge of road signs, traffic signals, and basic state driving laws. It consists of 40 multiple-choice questions taken from different topics in the Louisiana Driver’s Handbook. Before applying for a learner’s permit, it is mandatory to hold a temporary instruction permit.

If you are at least 14 years old, you can visit an Office of Motor Vehicle (OMV) location and apply for a temporary instruction permit (TIP). This permit allows you to take a driver education course and apply for the written knowledge test when you turn 15.

Complete the 36-hour classroom instruction course and submit the certificate to apply for the learner’s permit test. They will not charge an additional fee to change from a temporary instruction permit to a learner’s permit.

Louisiana Permit Test Topics

The written knowledge test questions are based on the driver’s manual and deal with essential road signs, traffic signs and laws, vehicle control, and safe driving practices.

Louisiana Learner’s Permit Test Passing Score

The passing score for the Louisiana DMV written test is 80%. The knowledge test has 40 questions out of which you must answer 32 correctly to pass.

  • Number of questions: 40 questions
  • Requirement to pass: 32 questions
  • Failed the Louisiana Permit Test? You Have Two More Attempts

    For each application, you have three attempts to take the permit test within ninety days. You must wait at least 24 hours to retake the test. If you fail on the third attempt, you must start the application process again and retake the test.

    Passed the Louisiana Learner’s Permit Test? Here is What to Do Next

    Pass a Vision Test

    After passing the knowledge test, your eyesight will be checked. To successfully get your learner’s permit, you must get a 20/40 on the test.

    Learner’s Permit Period

    Complete behind-the-wheel driving practice under a licensed driver’s supervision. You must hold this permit for at least six months without violations to apply for an intermediate license.

    Log 50 Hours of Driving

    During the six-month learner period, you must complete your 50 hours of driving practice, which includes 15 hours of driving at night. The driving hours must be noted down in the driving logbook.

    Pass the Road Skills Test

    You must be 16 years old to take this test. Submit the driving log and take this practical driving test.

    Intermediate License

    Upon passing the road skills test, you will be issued an intermediate license that allows you to drive with fewer restrictions.

    Permanent Driver’s License

    On your 17th birthday, your intermediate license will be upgraded to a permanent driver’s license.

    Frequently Asked Questions…!