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Mississippi DMV Practice Tests for Par Excellence Prep

Prepare for the written knowledge test with free permit practice tests!

Mississippi DPS Permit Practice Tests – Learn the Road Rules with Us

Start your practical learning of road rules with Mississippi DMV practice tests. If you are on your way to obtaining a Mississippi learner’s permit, we have the best supplies to help you pass the written knowledge test. The knowledge tests, road tests, and license issuance in Mississippi are strictly administered by the Department of Public Safety (DPS).

To get a learner’s permit, one must pass a web-based written knowledge test to show their comprehension of state driving laws and their ability to drive safely. We will help you pass this knowledge test with practical mock tests prepared by industry experts.

Get your hands on our realistic practice tests and prepare to pass the exam successfully. We provide strategic mock tests with effective learning methods, such as flashcards, a performance tracker, and more, for distinct vehicle categories.

Get Your Permit with Mississippi DMV Permit Practice Tests

How Does This Work

You must pass a written knowledge test to obtain a learner’s permit. We provide all the practice and preparation you need to succeed in the exam.

Start with Mississippi DMV Practice Tests

Level up your performance with consistent practice tests and regular performance monitoring by accessing our efficient Mississippi permit practice tests based on the driver’s handbook. Our practice tests cover traffic laws, road rules, and safe driving practices of Mississippi that you must know.

Take the DSP Knowledge Exam

Take the exam after gaining ample practice from our Mississippi DSP permit practice tests. The test consists of 30 multiple-choice questions taken from the handbook. If you answer 24 correctly, you will pass the exam successfully.

Learner’s Permit for One Year

Upon passing the knowledge exam, get your learner’s permit, followed by a vision test. This permit is valid for two years and it is mandatory to hold it for at least one month to apply for a regular driver’s license.

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Pass without Driving School Training with Free Mississippi DMV Practice Tests

True to the Official Exam

The Mississippi permit practice tests are designed to closely resemble the official exam format and interface, providing a realistic experience to gain confidence.

Inclusive of All Topics

All our test practice modules consist of 45 multiple-choice questions about traffic signs, speed limits, safe driving practices, cell phone usage, and the right of way.

Categorized Mock Tests

Our test questions are assorted based on the vehicle categories, cars and motorcycles. Get the latest practice test models based on the category-specific driver’s handbook.

Upgrade your Driving Knowledge by Mastering our Mississippi DMV Practice Tests

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Gain confidence with unlimited practice tests prepared by experts to provide efficient practice. Identify and rework your most challenging questions until you feel confident about yourself.

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Our Mississippi practice tests are compatible with all devices and can be taken anytime. With this feature, you can employ smarter learning by practicing mock tests while doing your tasks.

Navigate Easily

The practice tests are built with a user-friendly interface, providing an exclusive dashboard that lets you view your score, performance, and more.

Ace the Permit Test through Mississippi Permit Practice Tests

Start with Free Practice Tests and Elevate Your Prep to Premium

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Unlock our premium to acquire practice tests with cue cards, detailed explanations, and more. We ensure you get all the preparation you need to pass the exam on your first try.

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With our premium practice tests, you can access more than the basic rules. Learn the crucial topics dealing with road signs, highway markings, roundabouts, and more.

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Our Mississippi DMV practice tests are available in two plans: monthly and quarterly. The monthly plan costs $15 for 30 days and $30 for 90 days.

About the Mississippi DPS Learner’s Permit Test

The Department of Public Safety requires all first-time driving license applicants to pass a written knowledge test of 30 questions, which can be studied from the driver’s handbook and tests their understanding of state traffic laws, road rules, highway signs, safe driving practices, hazard regulations, and more.

Our Mississippi permit practice tests are mock tests based on the same manual and designed to feel like the real exam so that candidates can get familiarized with the official exam arrangement and lose the fear of the unknown. All our practice tests come in handy to gain experiential knowledge instead of relying on the driver’s handbook.

Mississippi DMV Test Format

Mississippi’s learner’s permit test consists of 30 multiple-choice questions related to speed limits, traffic laws, road signs, road rules, and safe driving practices. It has no time limit and can be completed in 30 to 60 minutes.

Mississippi Knowledge Test Passing Score

You must obtain an 80% score to pass the knowledge test. There are 30 questions; you must answer 24 correctly to pass.

  • Number of questions: 30 questions
  • Passing Requirement: 24 questions
  • Failed the Knowledge Test? Do Not Worry!

    If you could not pass the written knowledge test on your first attempt, you can wait for 24 hours before taking a retest. Failure to complete the third consecutive attempt will require you to wait at least 30 days to retake the test.

    Passed the Driver’s Knowledge Test? Know What Comes Next!

    After completing the Mississippi knowledge test with an 80% score, you can legally drive on public roads, provided you have a parent, guardian, or trainer in the vehicle. Here is what follows passing the written DMV test:

    Vision Test

    You must also take a vision test to get your learner’s permit. If you have any eyesight problems, you must wear glasses while driving.

    Learner’s Permit

    Get your learner’s permit by paying a fee of $7. You can now learn to drive and start practicing driving under the supervision of a parent or guardian. It is mandatory to hold a learner’s permit for one year to apply for a regular driver’s license.

    Complete 50 Hours of Driving

    During the one-year learner’s stage period, complete 50 hours of behind-the-wheel driving practice, including 15 hours at night.

    Driving Skills Test

    The age requirement is 16 years to take the driving skills test. It must be completed within two years of your learner’s permit issuance before its validity expires.

    Waiver of Road – Testing

    If you wish to skip the driving skills test, you can submit the Waiver of Road – Testing Affidavit signed by your driving school trainer that you have held the permit for one year and completed 50 hours of driving practice.

    Regular Driver’s License

    Once you have satisfied all the conditions: driving practice, road test, and one year of learner stage, your license will be issued. If you have turned 17, you can get a license even if your one-year permit has not been completed.

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