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Michigan DMV Practice Test to Master Your Michigan DOS Permit Test

Pass your Michigan permit test easily with our tailored practice tests!

Start the Smart and Easy Preparation

Complete your first step of the driving license journey. Let your preparation begin with our Michigan DOS permit practice tests to easily pass your Michigan DOS permit test. Our practice tests are a collection of questions similar to the official DMV permit test, which will help you experience the real exam during practice.

Simplify the Preparation Process

Complete each step easily!

Read the Michigan Driver’s Handbook

The Michigan DMV written test frames questions based on the information provided in the driver’s manual called ‘What every driver must know’. Therefore, it is important to study the handbook before attending the knowledge test.

Take All the Michigan Permit Practice Test

Practice until you master the answer and are confident about the official written test. Familiarize yourself with the structure and all the possible questions that can be expected in the real test by attempting all the practice questions available.

Just Like the Real Exam

Our Michigan DOS permit practice tests follow a similar format and include questions that are found in the actual permit test. You can experience the real exam through our practice tests.

Pass on Your First Attempt

Get ready to maximize your results with our practice tests and pass your Michigan DMV written test on your first go.

Giving You the Real Exam Experience Through the Michigan DMV Practice Test

Questions based on the driver’s manual to give you real exam-like questions.

Write the Real Exam

Take our Michigan written driving test practice to familiarize yourself with the kinds of questions that can be expected in the official Michigan DMV permit test. Our Michigan permit practice test will give you real exam experience.

Based on the Official Handbook

We have prepared the questions from the content provided in the latest version of the official driver’s manual, just as the real exam questions are prepared. This ensures that the questions resemble the official exam questions.

Current and Accurate

Our tests are updated regularly to provide questions that are based on the current traffic rules followed in the state. We keep updating our tests when the handbook makes amendments.

Prepare Beyond the Michigan Driver’s Manual

Make your preparation more interesting with our practice test.

Preparing for the exam only by reading the driver’s manual, ‘What every driver must know’, can be a tedious task. You can make your practice sessions more interesting with our Michigan DOS permit practice tests. Know everything you require to attend the Michigan DMV permit test. Thorough all the topics through repeated practice and our easy learning features.

Access Anywhere, Anytime

Our Michigan DMV practice tests are available online and can be accessed anywhere with a good internet connection. You can take these tests on your mobile device, providing you with the convenience to practice at your own pace.

Practice Until you Master all the Topics

Attempt our Michigan permit practice test as many times as you need, and practice until you are confident in knowing all the necessary topics for the official test.

Get Instant Feedback

After completing each practice test, we offer immediate feedback so that you can view which answers were correctly chosen, which answers need to be retaken, and the topics you need more focus on.

Premium Plan

We have both free and premium plans on our platform. You can access the premium features to elevate your practice sessions for 30 days at $15 and for 90 days at $30.

Pass Your Michigan Permit Test on the First Go

The Michigan State of Secretary (SOS) is responsible for administering license-related tests and issuing the license. The first step is to complete the Michigan DMV knowledge test to get your learner’s permit. This test assesses your knowledge of road signs, road rules, traffic laws, and safe driving practices. Take our Michigan DOS permit practice test to prepare well and familiarize yourself with all the topics before you attempt the official DMV test.

Know About the Michigan DMV Permit Test


The test is a set of multiple-choice questions where you will be provided with 4 choices for each question.


The Michigan DMV permit test consists of questions related to road signs, road rules, traffic laws, and safe driving practices.

Number of Questions

The knowledge test consists of 80 multiple-choice questions.

Passing Score

To pass the test, you need to score 70% or above by getting at least 56 answers correct. After completing this test, you will receive your Temporary Instruction Permit (TIP).

If Failed

If you happen to fail the knowledge test, you can retake the test at a later date. However, prepare by practicing more, especially taking practice tests, to avoid retaking.

Requirements to Take the Michigan DMV Written Test


The minimum age to apply for the DMV knowledge test in Michigan is 14 years and 9 months. However, if you are under 18 years of age, you need to complete a driver’s education course and other requirements set by the department.

Pass the Road Test

You need to pass the road sign test by identifying the meaning of the road signs.

Complete the Vision Test

Pass the vision test with 20 out of 40 acuities. You can use lenses or glasses if you need them.

Complete Driver Education Course

Applicants under the age of 18 must complete a driver education course and practice driving for the required number of hours.

Check Out the Next Procedures After Completing the Michigan DMV Permit Test

Temporary Instruction Permit (TIP)

Upon receiving your TIP, you need to practice driving with a supervisor and hold it for 180 days.

Complete the Driving Log

With your TIP, you need to complete a driving log of 50 hours of supervised driving with at least 10 hours of night driving.

Take the Road Test

After completing the required hours of supervised driving, schedule your driving test when you are ready, which will assess your driving skills and ability to follow safe driving practices.

Ready for the License

Show your driving skills on the driving test and get your driving skill test certificate. Submit your TIP, skills test certificate, and other required documents to SOS to get your full license.

More Preparations and More Features with Michigan Written Driving Test Practice

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Unlock access to our exclusive dashboard with our premium plan to give you a progress tracking option and review your performance to enhance your preparation.

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Get more practice with our in-depth study materials, offering all the information about the topics and content covered in the official knowledge test.

Performance Tracking

Track your performance with our premium plan to improve by knowing which areas you need more focus and practice.

Detailed Explanations

Get detailed explanations for your wrong answer to understand why your answer was wrong. This helps you remember the answer and learn from the mistake.

More questions for more practice

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