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Maine DMV Permit Test is categorized into a vision test, written test, and road test. With successful completion of the vision and written test, the applicant eligible for the road test. The vision test has the identification of the traffic light’s colors to analyze the mental abilities. The Written test has 60 question that has ten questions related to signs, and the remaining questions cover the rest of the concepts. The applicant has to answer at least 48 questions correct and the passing score is 80%

Our DMV practice test is best for:

  • Maine Driver’s License Renewal
  • Maine Learner’s Permit
  • Maine Senior Citizen’s Refresher Test
  • ME Driver’s License Renewal
  • Maine Driver’s License

To drive in ME, you must pass the official Maine DMV Permit Test. It is also known as the simply driving test, DMV permit test, driver’s license test, DMV written test. The ME DMV written test comprises 30 multiple-choice questions based on the road safety, rules of the road, bicycle safety guidelines, and pedestrian guidelines. You should score at least 80% or more which means at least 24 of 30 multiple-choice questions to be answered as per the 2021 Maine Driver’s Guide.

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