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Nevada DMV Practice Tests to Ace the Knowledge Test on the First Attempt

Master the Nevada Traffic Laws Ample Nevada DMV Permit Practice Tests

Nevada Driver’s Permit Practice Tests to Level Up Your Preparation

Crack the knowledge test with our comprehensive suite of Nevada DMV practice tests. More than half of the first attempts of the Nevada knowledge test fail every year for several reasons. Get started with us to pass the written knowledge test and successfully obtain your instruction permit to explore the roads of Nevada driving on your own.

We offer free and premium Nevada DMV practice tests to choose from based on the range of learning and comprehensive features you want to avail yourself of.

Nevada DMV Permit Practice Tests – The Right Way to Prepare

The initial step towards getting a driver’s license in Nevada is passing the written knowledge to get the instruction permit. If you are under 18, you must retain the instruction permit for at least six months to apply for a driver’s license.

If you want a driver’s license, you must pass this written test, which examines your knowledge of driving rules, traffic laws, and safe driving practices. You can easily pass this test by studying the driver’s handbook and using other resources for adequate preparation.

Our practice tests are designed based on the driver’s handbook and follow the same test pattern as the official knowledge test. You can grow familiar with the tests in the comfort of your home before you appear for the knowledge test.

Get Instruction Permit Easily with Nevada DMV Practice Tests

Learn How It Works

Loads of Practice 

Learn about Nevada’s traffic laws and road rules to sail through the DMV knowledge test on your first try by practicing our real-like mock tests based on the official driver’s handbook.

Nevada Knowledge Test

You can take the driver’s knowledge test by visiting the nearest DMV office or paying to take it online. You must score 80% to pass the test.

Get Instruction Permit

Obtain your instruction permit, and you will have the freedom to explore the roads of Nevada as a learner driver. Follow the restrictions to drive safely on public roads.

Nevada DMV Permit Practice Test for Smart and Enhanced Preparation

Learn at Your Own Pace with Unlimited Nevada DMV Permit Practice Tests

Hands-On Practice 

While taking the mock tests, you will get acquainted with how questions are framed, learn how to answer tricky ones, and practically learn newer topics.

Readily Accessible

Learn whenever you want to prepare for the knowledge test. Our Nevada driver’s permit practice test sessions offer compatibility with all platforms.

Retake the Tough Questions

If there are puzzling questions that you keep getting wrong, consider retaking the tests until your answers are correct and you feel confident.

Nevada Permit Practice Test 25 Questions Just Like the Real Exam

Test Questions Based on the Driver’s Handbook

Up-to-Date Questions

All our test questions are based on the latest and correct syllabus issued by the Nevada DMV in the driver’s manual. You can trust us to bring you the most accurate practice tests.

Realistic Practice Tests

We want you to become familiar with the test interface, question pattern, and more. Hence, all our practice tests are identical to the official knowledge test so that you can get hands-on practice.

Know the Structure

With our real-like practice tests, you can learn about the knowledge test interface and structure, eliminating the fear of the unknown.

One Step Closer to Nevada Driver’s License

Nevada Instruction Permit with Stress-Free Premium Mock Tests

Monitor your Growth

Observe and analyze your progress with the exclusive dashboard you can unlock with premium, view your previous tests, check the test results, and more.

Flashcards for Better Learning

With our study cards associated with driver’s handbook topics, you can learn traffic laws and road rules effectively.

Ad-Free Practice Tests

Say goodbye to unwanted advertisements appearing on your practice test modules. To get started, choose from two of our plans: a 30-day plan at $15 or a 90-day plan at $30.

Everything You Need to Know about Nevada DMV Practice Tests

More than 50% of permit test results are unsuccessful due to lack of practice. Studying the driver’s handbook and getting practical learning experience from Nevada DMV practice tests is the key to passing the test effortlessly.

The DMV permit practice test or knowledge test in Nevada is a written test comprising 25 multiple-choice questions based on the driver’s handbook about Nevada traffic laws, highway signs and markings, and safe driving practices.

Passing this permit test is the primary requirement for an Instruction Permit in Nevada, valid for one year. The test can be taken online at or visit the nearest DMV office to take the test in person.

A parent or guardian must provide consent to apply for the knowledge test. A $25.00 fee is charged on your first knowledge test attempt, and a $10 fee is charged for each retest. If you fail, you must wait 24 hours to retake the knowledge test.

Nevada DMV Practice Test Topics

All our practice tests are constructed according to the driver’s handbook syllabus issued by Nevada DMV. The tests cover many topics related to traffic laws, road rules, highway signs, markings, and safe driving practices.

Nevada DMV Permit Test Passing Score

To pass the Nevada driver’s knowledge test, you must score 80%. Once you have answered 20 questions correctly, the test is terminated.

  • Number of questions: 25 questions
  • Passing requirement: 20 questions
  • Follow the Guidelines – Drive Safe

    With an instruction permit, you can start driving a moped, motorcycle, car, or truck, however, with a few restrictions applied.

  • To drive a car or truck, you must be under the supervision of a qualified driver who is at least 21 years old and has one year of driving experience.
  • If you are driving a moped or motorcycle, you must drive during the day only without carrying passengers.
  • What if you Fail the Nevada Knowledge Test?

    After waiting at least 24 hours, you can retake the knowledge test. You can apply for a retest by paying $10 at the DMV office and preparing well to avoid failing yet another time. We recommend taking our Nevada DMV permit practice tests for adequate preparation and better results.

    About the Nevada Driver’s License

    Nevada driver’s licensing for first-time drivers has become stricter and lengthier. The minimum age required to apply for a driver’s license is 15 years and six months old. You can get your driver’s license after taking three tests, completing a driver’s education course, and practicing driving.

    Knowledge Test

    You must first take a vision test at the DMV office, followed by a driver’s knowledge (written) test. The Nevada DMV knowledge test consists of 25 multiple-choice questions about Nevada’s traffic laws and safe driving practices. If you pass with an 80% score, you can get your instruction permit and start driving.

    Driving Skills Test 

    Now, complete a driver education course from a DMV-approved driving school, drive 50 hours, including 10 hours at night, and record it in the Beginning Driver Log. Hold the instruction permit for six months and take the Driving Skills test.

    Full License

    If you are under 18, passing this test will get you a restricted driver’s license. Once you turn 18, your full adult license will be issued. If you are 18 or older, get a temporary unrestricted license, and the full unrestricted license will be issued within ten days.

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