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Vermont DMV Practice Tests to Succeed in Getting a Learner’s Permit

Ample Practice Ahead of Vermont DMV Written Test

Boost Your Preparation with Vermont DMV Practice Tests

Level up your preparation with Vermont permit practice tests to acquire knowledge of Vermont state driving laws and traffic regulations before you sit for the official written test. Get started with our free DMV practice permit test VT mock sessions so you can confidently get through the test and pass effortlessly on your first try.

Get your Learner’s Permit with Ease in 3 Steps

Ace the Test with Vermont DMV Written Test Practice

Master the Vermont Traffic Laws

Practice our ample mock tests to prepare for the DMV written knowledge test before you appear for the official exam. With our real-like practice tests based on the driver’s manual, you will get a realistic exam-like environment on our tests.

Practice Until You Are Confident

Get acquainted with how questions are framed, learn how to answer tricky questions, and test your knowledge to identify your areas for improvement. With enough practice, you will attain a good score in our practice tests, and that is when you will know you are ready to take the exam.

Take the Vermont Learner’s Permit Test

Once you feel ready, it is time to visit the DMV office in Vermont and pay a fee of $39 to apply and schedule the written test. This web-based test will assess your knowledge of Vermont traffic laws, road rules, and safe driving practices. To pass, you must answer 16 out of 20 questions correctly.

Get your Learner’s Permit

Congratulations! You are one step away from getting your driver’s license. With a learner’s permit, you can start driving practice and take a Driver Education course. Note that you must not drive alone during your permit period.

Elevate your Chances of Passing with Comprehensive Practice Tests

Practice Tests Prepared by Industry Experts with Care

Category-Wise Tests

We provide a specific set of practice sessions for each of the two categories: bike and car. The tests are based on the respective motorcycle test manual and car driver’s manual.

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All our practice tests are designed to give you a realistic feeling as the official test. We use the most important test questions with a high chance of appearing in your test to give you a clear idea of what to expect.

Inclusive of All Topics

Our comprehensive mock tests are based on the official driver’s manual and cover all the essential topics dealing with traffic laws, road and highway signs, markings, penalties, and more.

Unlimited Vermont Permit Practice Tests for Your Success

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With our practice tests, you get access to a personalized dashboard to monitor your progress throughout your tests and work on your mistakes.

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Pass the Vermont DMV Written Test on the First Time

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We ensure you learn plenty about traffic laws and signs along with practical learning by providing you with flashcards that help you memorize the markings and road signs easily.

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Sign up for our premium Vermont permit practice tests if you wish to crack your written knowledge test on your first try. Get in-depth topic coverage, ad-free learning, detailed explanations, and flashcards.

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What is the Vermont DMV Written Test?

The Vermont DMV written test is a computer-based written knowledge test conducted by the Department of Motor Vehicles in Vermont to test and analyze your understanding of road and traffic rules. This test determines whether you can drive on public roads. If you pass, the DMV issues a learner’s permit, valid for two years.

The Vermont written knowledge test consists of 20 multiple-choice questions about road signs, rules, traffic laws, and safe driving practices. It requires 16 correct answers to pass. The test is based on the driver’s manual, which you can find on the Vermont DMV website for free.

To excel on your first try, attempt our Vermont permit practice tests, which resemble the official exam. Each test has 45 multiple-choice questions for both bike and car vehicle categories.

Vermont Written DMV Test Topics Covered

Vermont’s driver knowledge test questions are all based on and taken from the official driver’s manual. To pass the Vermont DMV written knowledge test, you must be well-versed in Vermont’s road laws and regulations, highway signs, road and traffic signs, safe driving practices, and more.

Vermont Learner’s Permit Test Passing Score

The passing score for the Vermont learner’s permit test is 80%. The written test has 20 questions covering Vermont road rules, traffic laws, safety measures, and more. You must provide at least 16 answers correctly to pass the test and get your learner’s permit successfully.

  • Total number of questions: 20 questions
  • Passing requirement: 16 questions
  • What If You Fail the Vermont Knowledge Test?

    If you unfortunately failed the written knowledge test, then you can retake the test without worries after one day, but you must pay the application fee each time. Taking your time and preparing well with ample mock tests to elevate your chances of passing is better.

    What After You Pass the Learner’s Permit Test?

    Getting a learner’s permit is the initial step of a driver’s licensing procedure. To obtain your full driver’s license, you must hold the permit for one year and then take the road skills test. Here is the step-by-step process to be followed:

    West Virginia DMV Permit Test Format 

    The West Virginia learner’s permit test has 25 multiple-choice questions based on topics from the driver’s manual. It can be taken either online or in person and requires knowledge of traffic laws, road rules, several types of signs, and more.

    Pass the Vision Test

    After passing the learner’s permit test, you must take a vision screening at the DMV office to prove you are vision-fit enough to drive.

    Learner’s Permit for 1 Year

    Practice driving on roads provided you are under the supervision of your parent or guardian. Hold this permit for one year without traffic convictions to apply for the road skills test.

    Driver Education Course

    During the one-year permit period, take a Driver Education course at any DMV-approved school. This course includes 30 hours of instruction in classroom, 6 hours of driving practice, and 6 hours of observation.

    Behind-the-Wheel Practice

    Meanwhile, complete a behind-the-wheel driving practice of 50 hours, including 10 hours at night, to become familiar with the roads of Vermont.

    Road Skills Test

    After holding the permit for one year and completing the driving practice, you can apply for and schedule a Road Skills test. If you fail the Vermont DMV test, you must wait seven days to reschedule the test.

    Full License

    Your driver’s license will be issued upon passing the road skills test. For the first three months, you cannot carry passengers in your vehicle.

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