Connecticut Driver's License| Complete Guide to Get Driver's License

Connecticut Driver's License| Complete Guide to Get Driver's License

If you are about to apply for Connecticut driver’s license then here is the step by step process including the documents required and eligibility criteria

Documents to Apply for Connecticut Driver’s License

Identity Proof: As a proof of identity the applicants can submit one of the following as

  • Us passport
  • Birth certificate

Social Security Number (SSN): The applicant can submit one of the below documents as

  • Social security card
  • W-2 Tax form
  • 1099 which issued before five years

Connecticut Residency Certificate: Submit any two documents from the below list

  • Medicare benefit statement
  • A valid motor vehicle registration certificate

Legal Presence in the U.S: The process takes at least ten business days to analyze the applicant’s presence in the U.S by using the Systematic Alien Verification of Eligibility

  • S passport
  • A form of I-94
  • The I-551 stamp on the foreign passport
  • A permanent resident card
  • F1 requires I-20 and I-94
  • J1 required DS2019 and I-94
  • The B1/B2 requires an employment authorization card
  • Refugee travel document

Name Change Document: If the applicant has any name changes done then the below list of documents need to submit

  • Marriage or civil union certificate
  • Marriage or civil union dissolution
  • A probate court name change
  • DHS petition for the name change

What are the Limitations to Issue Driving License?

The applicants who with the, will not go to issue with a driving license

  • The applicants under the age of 16 years
  • If the applicant’s driving license suspended
  • A person with physical disabilities
  • Any person if addicted to drugs or alcohol
  • A person under 19 should not have consented to Connecticut Act 93-368
  • Who fails to attend the DMV tests

What are the Types of Driver’s License?

Class D

A driver license that considered as the regular driver’s license.

Class A

The Class A issued to the vehicles that weight less than 26,001 lbs.

Class B

This license issued to operate single vehicles that weight more than 10,000 pounds.

Class C

By holding the Class C license, the applicants can operate the vehicles which carry more than 16 passengers.

Class M 

The class M license issued to the applicants if they have a valid motorcycle

How to Apply for Connecticut Driver’s License?

Schedule your Appointment or Visit nearby DMV Office

The applicants can visit any nearby DMV office or schedule your appointment online to attend the test

Submit Required Documents to the DMV Office

The documents applicants need to submit at the Connecticut DMV office listed below

  • The birth certificate
  • Social Security Number
  • Residency proof in Connecticut
  • An identity card that has the full name

Pay Appropriate Fees

An amount of $40 needs to pay by the applicants to attend the vision and written test. The applicants have to schedule the test online as there is no other way than that to attend the tests

Complete Application Form

The application form R-229 need to submit by completing all the mandatory fields of the application form

Apply for the Vision Test, Knowledge Test

The vision test is the first test conducted in the Connecticut DMV test; the applicant’s eyes checked under binoculars.

The vision test also includes identifying the traffic light colours and some road rules.

The knowledge test is also called a written test, consisting of multiple-choice questions related to the road signs, traffic rules and road safety measures.

The eligibility of age to apply for the Connecticut DMV written test is 16 years, consisting of multiple-choice questions related to road signs, driving rules and safety rules.  It consists of 25 questions; 20 of them need to answer correctly. The final score that needs to achieve is 80%.

Pay Fee for issuing Permit

An amount of $19 need to paid by the applicants to get the Permit, and there are multiple payment gateway methods as cash, money order and check

Get your Learner Permit  

By issuing a learner permit, the applicants allowed to practice driving in the supervision of adults. The adult learner permit validity is for two years after the day of issuing it.

Schedule Road Test

After completing the vision test and knowledge test, the applicants can schedule the road test. After attending the road test, the applicants need to wait for 48 hours to get their results to reveal.

Submit Documents for Road Test

To attend the road test/ driver test, the applicant needs to submit the below list of documents as

  • Learner’s Permit
  • 8 hours Driving completion certificate
  • An insured and registered vehicle documents that used for the road test
  • A valid MVR (motor vehicle registration) certificate

Pay Fees for Driver’s License

 An amount of $72 need to pay to get the issue with the driver license

Get Driver’s License

A temporary driver license will get issued in the DMV office and within 20 days a permanent driver license issue to the mail

How to Apply for Connecticut Teen Driver’s License?

Complete Training In Driver School

The different types of driving schools are classroom training, home training and behind the wheel training. So, the applicant can select any one of the driving school to learn driving.

Be Handy with Documents

The applicant can apply for the license 120 days after the completion of 30 hours classroom and 8 hours behind the wheel practice

Schedule Road Test

The applicants have to drive the vehicle next to the DMV officials. So, the final results are announced by the officials whether you cleared the test or not.

Submit Documents for Road Test

The list of documents that an applicant need to submit are

  • Learner’s Permit
  • A valid motor vehicle registration certificate
  • Connecticut insurance card

Pay Appropriate Fees for Teen Driver’s License

The applicants have to pay an amount of $72 to get issued with a teen driver license

How to Apply for Connecticut Learner License?

Visit DMV Office

Go to the nearby DMV office and schedule the appropriate manner to get the learner license.

Be Handy with Documents

The below list of documents need to submit by the applicants

  • Date of birth
  • Social security number
  • The legal presence in the U.S
  • The residency proof of Connecticut
  • Your identity that includes applicant’s full name

Submit Parental Consent

The applicants need to submit the form 2D that signed by a guardian in front of the DMV employee

Attend the Vision Test & Written Test

The vision test conducted to examine the vision capabilities of the applicant and the written test checks the knowledge of the applicant over the road signs traffic rules and road safety precautions

Pay Appropriate Fees

The applicant has to pay $19 to apply for the learner license

Get the learner License

After completing all the tests and the payment, the applicants allowed to apply for the learner license.

How to Renew Connecticut Driver’s License?

Visit nearby DMV Office

The renewal of driver license has two possible ways as visiting the DMV office or an AAA office

Submit Documents

The applicant has to submit the documents as the driver license, a renewal application that mailed

Pay Fee for Renewal

The applicants have to pay an amount of $72 if the license renewal and an addition of $25 charged as late fee in order if the license expired.



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