How to Apply Georgia driver's license test

How to Apply Georgia driver's license test

Are you unaware about the procedure to apply for Georgia driver’s license? Here is the complete guide to known about the applying and procedure.

Documents Required to Apply for Georgia Driver’s License

The applicants need to submit the below list of documents to get the driver’s License

Identity Proof: As a proof of identity the applicants can submit one of the following as

  • U.S passport
  • Certificate of citizenship

Proof of Legal Name Change: If any name changes happened then the applicants need to submit the below list of documents

  • U.S passport with the current name
  • Original copies of marriage certificates

Social Security Number (SSN): The applicant can submit one of the below documents as

  • Social security card
  • W-2 form

Georgia Residency Certificate: Submit any two documents from the below list

  • A valid motor vehicle registration certificate
  • Medical or health card which has an address
  • Educational transcripts
  • Georgia voter registration card

Name Change Document: If the applicant has any name changes done then the below list of documents need to submit

  • Marriage or civil union certificate
  • Marriage or civil union dissolution
  • A probate court name change
  • DHS petition for the name change

How to Apply for Georgia Learner License?

Visit DDS Customer Service Center

The applicants can visit any nearby DDS customer service centres for an appointment to apply for Georgia Driver’s license.

Submit the Application Form

Applicants need to submit an application form signed with the guardian, parent and driving instructor. The sign accepted if it did in the presence of any DDS employee

Be Handy with Documents

  • The identity card that has the full name
  • Social security number
  • U.S citizenship
  • The residency proof of Georgia
  • Date of birth certificate

Submit Form DS-1

To prove that the applicant has attended their secondary school a form DS-1 needs to submit that signed by a school official.

Attend the Vision Test

The vision test conducted to examine the applicant’s vision capabilities and the written test checks the applicant’s knowledge over the road signs traffic rules and road safety precautions.

The applicant must hear the conversations at a normal tone else they have to wear a hearing aid.

Pay Fee of $10

An amount of $10 needs to pay to attend the knowledge test. If the applicant retakes the test, the amount needs to pay for each time.

Apply for Knowledge Test

The knowledge test consists of 40 multiple choice questions, and 30 of them need to answer correctly, covering concepts of road signs and signals. The users have to score 75% in the test to clear

Pose for Picture

The applicant asked to pose for a photo as the image used on the driver license.

Get the learner License.

The learner license get issued to the applicants to drive the vehicle on the streets of Georgia

How to Apply for Georgia Driver’s License?

Applicants should at least attain 18 years to get issued with the Georgia driving license

Visit nearby DDS Customer Service

To book an appointment, the applicants need to visit any near DDS customer service centers and know about the services offered.

Complete Form DDS-7

Submit the application form DDS-7 in the customer service centre. The application form certifies that you have practised supervised driving for 40 hours, including 6 hours of night driving.

Submit Required Documents to the DMV Office

The documents applicants need to submit at the Georgia DMV office listed below

  • The date of birth certificate
  • Social Security Number
  • Residency address in Georgia
  • An identity card that has the full name
  • U.S citizenship

Complete Application Form

The applicants need to complete the application form by providing details in all the mandatory fields.

Apply for the Vision Test

The vision test is the first test conducted in the Georgia DMV test the applicant’s eyes checked under binoculars.

The vision test also includes identifying the traffic light colours and some road rules.

Attend Hearing Exam

The applicants have to attend the hearing test in this test the applicants checked whether they are capable of hearing the normal tone or not if they fail the test then they have to make use of a hearing aid.

Pass the Knowledge Test if You Don’t Have Learner License

The knowledge test is also called a written test, consisting of multiple-choice questions related to the road signs, traffic rules and road safety measures.

The applicant’s knowledge over the road rules and road signs checked in the test, and there are 50 multiple choice questions in which 10 of them related to the traffic signs and traffic rules. The applicant has to answer 40 questions correct to score 80%.

Schedule for Driving Test

To attend the driving test, the applicants have to get their vehicle for the insurance test. In this test, the applicant skills over the applicant’s driving skills tested by the DMV official.

Submit Documents for Road Test

To attend the road test/ driver test, the applicant needs to submit the below list of documents as

Pose for Picture

The DMV officials will ask for a photo that gets attached on the driver license

Pay Fee for Driver License

An amount of $32 needs to pay by the applicants the payment can do through cash, credit or debit card, and money order.

Submit Learner Permit  

If the applicants have a learner permit, they have to submit it else they need to apply for a learner license.

Get Driver’s License 

By completing the entire tasks applicant get issued with a driver license

What are the Types of License Issued in Georgia?

Class C/D

Class C and Class D are noncommercial driver licenses issued to vehicles that weigh less than 26,000 pounds. These licenses have validity for eight years.

Class A

Permitted for the vehicles that are more than 26,000 pounds

Class B

The vehicles that are above GVWR 26,001 pounds or more issued with the Class B driver license.

Class C

The class C driver license issued for vehicles with less than 26,001 pounds, and carry hazardous materials.

Class M

The License issued to the motorcycles, it’s issued for both commercial or noncommercial motorcycles

How to Renew Georgia Driver’s License?

The license renewal in Georgia can do in two possible ways as

  • In-person
  • Online

How to Apply In-Person

Visit the DMV Office.

Fill the application form and submit it in the DMV office, the application form available online and even in the service centre

Submit Documents

The applicant has to submit the documents as the driver license, date of birth certificate, SSN and residency certificate in Georgia

Pose for Photo

After the process of renewal, applicants asked to pose for the picture as this new picture attached in the driver license

Pay Renewal Fees

Pay an amount of $32 for the driver license renewal

How to Apply Online

The applicant allowed renewing the driving License online if they have met the following reasons.

If they have done the license renewal last time in-person

The License should not expire one year ago

A legal U.S citizen

A license that expired two years ago or if you have a valid license

Visit Website

The applicants can visit the official website License/Identification Card Renewal for the renewal

Pay Fees

To renew the driver license, the applicants need to pay an amount of $27 for the license renewal.

Renewal of License

The applicants will get their renewal application in 7 days after the DDS process

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