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To apply for the Illinois driver’s license, the applicants have to submit some documents and need to follow the appropriate procedure

What are the Types of Illinois Driving License?

Type of License Requirement
Instruction Permit The instruction permit issued to the applicants who are between 15-18 years of age
Teen Driver License The teen driver license also called as the unsupervised License that issued to the applicant below of 16-18 years
Full License The full License issued to the applicant who attained maximum age of 18 years

Documents Required to Apply for Illinois Driver’s License

The list to documents that an applicant needs to submit in the DMV office to apply for the Illinois driver’s License is

Proof of Signature

The applicant can submit any two documents from the given list below

  • Driver education certificate
  • Illinois ID card
  • Medicare card
  • Passport
  • Social security number

Proof of Birth Certificate

  • Birth certificate
  • Citizenship certificate
  • S Visa
  • S passport

Proof of Social Security Number

  • S military driver’s License
  • Social security number
  • S military service record

How to Apply for Illinois Learner License?

Visit any DMV office

To apply for the learner license, the applicants can visit any nearby DMV office and can have a check over the services provided in the office

Handover the Application Form

The applicants have to submit the appropriate application form to apply for the driver license. The application forms are not available online, so the applicants should complete it in the DMV office

Be Handy with Documents

  • Social security number
  • Date of birth certificate
  • The identity card that has the full name
  • U.S citizenship
  • The residency proof of Illinois

Complete Consent Form

The applicants below the age of 18 need to complete the application form with a guardian signature in the DMV office. A document needs to provide that helps in verifying the relationship status of that guardian with you

Attend the Vision Test

The eye capabilities of the applicant checked under binoculars with the certified medical officials.

Pay Fee for Knowledge Test

The fee an applicant charged to attend the knowledge test is $3, and the accepted payment gateway methods are check, money order and cash.

Apply for Knowledge Test

The Written Test consists of 40 multiple choice questions regarding highway signs, traffic signals, pavement markings, and road rules. The applicant has to answer at least 34 questions correctly to attain a passing score of 85%.

What are Limitations of Learner License

The learner permit doesn’t allow the applicant to drive on the roads completely as it allows the applicant to drive on the roads with some restrictions

  • The learner license can use from 10 p.m-6 a.m from Sunday-Thursday and 11 p.m-6 a.m from Friday to Saturday.
  • You must carry only one passenger only and even in the front seat
  • While driving the vehicle prohibit using of mobile device

How to Apply for Illinois Teen’s Driver License

The applicants need to follow the below process to apply for the driving License

Visit Secretary of State Driver Services

There are many state driver services available in the city so visit one of the service centres near to you

Provide Driver Education certificate

The applicants need to submit the driver education certificate, which is proof that the applicant has completed the driver course in a certified organization.

Pay the Appropriate Fees

To attend the driver license test, the applicants need to pay the appropriate fees

Attend the Vision Test

To check the eye capabilities of the vision test, the applicants need to attend the vision test.

Apply for Written Test

The written test is also called the knowledge test that checks the applicant’s grip over the road rules, traffic signs and road safety measures.

How to Apply for Illinois Driver’s License

Applicants should at least attain 18 years to get issued with the Illinois driving license

Visit DMV Office

The applicants need to visit any nearby DMV office to know about the license services available there

Submit Documents

The documents applicants need to submit at the Illinois DMV office listed below

  • U.S citizenship
  • The date of birth certificate
  • Social Security Number
  • Residency address in Illinois
  • An identity card that has the full name

Complete Application Form

The application form will ask to provide personal information, and the applicant has to provide accurate and valid information in the form

Submit Secondary School Educational Documents

The applicant has to provide one of the below lists of documents

  • A high school diploma
  • GED diploma
  • GED program enrollment proof
  • Enrollment proof in postsecondary school

Apply for the Vision Test

The vision test is the first test conducted in the Illinois DMV test; the applicant’s eyes checked under binoculars.

The vision test also includes identifying the traffic light colours and some road rules.

Pay fee for Knowledge Test

An amount of $3 needs to pay for the knowledge test. There are many payment gateway methods available as the master card, discover card, American Express, Visa card, check and money order

Attend knowledge Test

The knowledge test conducted to check applicant knowledge over the road signs, traffic rules and road rules

Pay Fee for Road Test

An applicant has to pay an amount of $17 to attend the road test

Submit Documents for Road Test

To attend the road test/ driver test, the applicant needs to submit the below list of documents as

  • Learner’s Permit
  • 8 hours Driving completion certificate
  • An insured and registered vehicle documents that used for the road test
  • A valid MVR (motor vehicle registration) certificate

Schedule for Driving Test

To attend the driving test, the applicants have to get their vehicle for the insurance test. In this test, the applicant skills over the applicant are driving skills tested by the DMV official.

Pay Fee for Driver License

Pay the appropriate fees to get the driver license

How to Renew Illinois Driver’s License?

Visit the DMV Office

Fill the application form and submit it in the DMV office, the application form available online and even in the service centre

Submit Documents

The applicant has to submit the documents as the driver license, date of birth certificate, SSN and residency certificate in Illinois

Complete Application Form

To apply for the renewal of the License, the applicant needs to submit the required details in the application form

Attend the Vision Test

The only test that an applicant needs to attend for the renewal of the driver license is the vision test, and this conducted to check the applicant’s eye capabilities.

Pay Appropriate Fees

The license fee for Illinois may vary based on the type of vehicle

Submit License

The final task that applicants need to perform is the submission of the expired License.

What are Different Types of Vehicle License Issued in Illinois

The state issues different type of License based on the type of vehicle. The list of different types are vehicles are listed as below

Class A

This is a commercial license issued for heavy vehicles. The vehicles should weigh 26,001 pounds or above.

Class B

The class B driver license is a commercial license issued for vehicles that weight below 10,000 pounds

Class C

The class C license issued for the single vehicles that weight around 16,001 pounds and the vehicles less than 26,001 pounds

Class L/M

This is a non-commercial driving license that issued for motorcycles and mopeds


Illinois Driver’s License Test

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